Glacier Dry Cleaning


How it works...

In 2008/2009, Nu Yale Cleaners converted its dry cleaning process to a new Glacier Dry Cleaning process. Nu Yale Cleaners is proud to be the first in the Kentuckiana area and a leader across the country to adopt this revolutionary break through in green dry cleaning technology.  >>more


The Machine

clothes in a washer
The cleaning process is conceptually similar to home washing. Garments are placed in the machine in a wheel that spins. Glacier Dry Cleaning is so effective, that items usually separated, like reds and whites or heavy and light garments, can be cleaned together.


clothes in washer with liquid
Clothes are cleaned with an effective and biodegradable cleaning liquid which is continually purified and reused. After the cleaning cycle, the wheel is pressurized for the drying process. The same machine is used for both cleaning and drying.

Drying Rinses

washer with CO2 streams
A major benefit of the process is that drying is performed without heat. Instead, liquid CO2 gently bathes clothes as they float in the wheel. A series of cool liquid CO2 rinses thoroughly removes the remaining cleaning liquid from the clothes.


washer with CO2 leaving the clothes
At the end of the drying cycle, the pressure is reduced until the CO2 converts from a liquid to a gas, completely drying the garments. Heavy and light items dry evenly and at the same time. The process continually purifies and reuses the CO2.