Glacier Dry Cleaning
recycleEnvironmentally Friendly
stream in valley with pines everywhere
  • The Glacier Dry Cleaning process delevoped by Solvair® cleans with a biodegradable formulation of cleaning additives and an environmentally friendly cleaning liquid.
  • The Glacier Dry Cleaning System has been designed to maximize the recycling and reuse of cleaning liquids and supplies within the system.
  • All process wastes are managed with a system that eliminates emissions to the environment and ensures reclamation of recyclable materials.
  • The process does not add to greenhouse gases or smog formation and is energy efficient.

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The Glacier Dry Cleaning Process





Certified Environmental Drycleaner

Nu-Yale Dry Cleaner's has been certified by the International Fabricare Institute for being 
environmentally safe and/or friendly. Nu-Yale has been committed for years toward protecting
the environment and satisfying the standards of the IFI while provide quality service.

certified environmental drycleaner